About Mind the Facts


Journalists from non-English speaking countries, have very little opportunities to reach an international audience and are having challenges to make digital revenues.

Meanwhile there is a considerable amount of interesting stories that are relevant to an international audience. But due to the language barriers and the lack of a pan-European distribution platform, there is a large audience that is not able to consume these interesting stories.


Mind the Facts is a journalistic startup that will soon bring you the most revealing stories of renowned journalists in the world. It will be an international platform that boosts digital revenues for journalists and assists them to reach a wider paying audience.

We are fully independent, no commercial content or banners. All the content must be produced by international journalistic standards. Consumers will pay to read and with their payment directly support independent journalism. If you are a journalist and interested in publishing on Mind the Facts please contact us.

Mind the Facts stands for:

  • The best journalism in the world
    Only the best researched articles from renowned journalists produced by international journalistic guidelines
  • Fully independent journalism
    No adds or sponsored content, you pay to read and support journalists directly
  • Let’s crash the language bubbles
    There are so many stories out there that deserve a worldwide audience

The best researched and most revealing stories deserve to be out there. So let’s get them out!

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