Ivo Van Woerden

Ivo van Woerden is an investigative journalist and non-fiction author from the Netherlands who publishes in the best newspapers and magazines from the Netherlands. Ivo loves to explore new subjects, make reports, investigate a topic, do interviews and then present his stories in the best way possible.

His interests are the health care industry, subcultures, religion, arts and culture, travelling and more. His specialties are social topics, storytelling, investigating, health care, crime, lobby.

* For his undercover report on the elderly health care industry, Ivo was nominated for the Dutch journalism award De Tegel.

* His longread The great Marc Evers (2015) received the best freelance production award Gouden Freelancer.

* In 2014 he was a Fellow at the World Press Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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When he was two years old his parents were told he would never be able to speak or walk. Marc has autism and is mentally disabled. But against all odds he ends up to be an Olympic champion.